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Monday, 6 July 2015

6 Firebrand Approaches To Generating Contacts For BBM & Whatsapp

The term BBM is an acronym for Blackberry Messenger. It is one of the phone’s major features. Blackberry phone is a product of Research In Motion Limited (RIM), a Canadian telecommunication company which has its headquarters at a region in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

It was founded by Mike Lazaridis, who served as its co-CEO along with Jim Balsillie until January 22, 2012. In November 2013, John S. Chen took over as CEO.

The primary competitors of BlackBerry are smartphones running Android and Apple iPhone, with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform emerging as a more recent competitor. For a number of years, the BlackBerry was the leading smartphone in many markets, particularly the United States and Nigeria.

Among the 125m active mobile subscribers in Nigeria, only 4 million smartphones are in use. That is less than 3.2% of the country’s mobile subscribers.

According to BusinessDay statistics as at 2012, there are 2.4 million BB users in Nigeria. Of course, one expects the statistics to have tripled by now despite the influx of android in the Nigerian market.
Until now, the popular notion was that Blackbery (BB) & Android are luxury phones meant for only the affluent and elites in the society. Today, the average Nigerian (including students) can now boast of one or the two in most cases. It doesn't matter whether it is TOKUNBO OR tear-rubber, blackberry is blackberry.

Same goes for android. Prior to the advent of TECNO, the high cost of procuring a Samsung or Apple was way beyond the average income of the masses. But with the bullish manner Tecno invaded the market, it was only a matter of time before the smartphone warmed its way into the hearts of Nigerians.

To be successful in any form of business whether online or offline, it is always advisable for every serious businessman to endeavour to raise as many contacts as possible. This principle also applies to our course of study - Generating Contacts For BBM & Whatsapp. Presently, I have about 1,926 followers or contacts on my BBM. Yet there are some people with 2000, 3000, and even 5000 contacts who are at a loss as to how they can leverage on this. Some people might claim they cherish their privacy by having just a handful of BBM contacts. That is understandable! However if you really hope to make real money from BB, Android and Whatsapp, you need a large followership.

1.       Twitter Handle: My initial twitter handle read “@CityPulse_28B732O8’’ It wasn’t carved out by mistake. It was a deliberate attempt to get the attention of prospective contacts. At least 15 percent of my contacts came from there before I switched pins to my current one.

2.       BB Pin-Train: This is one of the interesting broadcasts you will get from time-to-time. All it requires is for you to add your BB Pin and what you do and rebroadcast. When you have a generous number of contacts, you can equally kick-start similar PIN TRAIN.

3.       Solidarity Broadcast Of Pins By Friends: It is not unusual to see things like ‘’Add Johnson Silly. He just lost all his contacts.” Some of these BB Pin broadcast referral are genuine while others are just floated to get more contacts for the owners.

4.       Footnote / Attachment To posts: It is not uncommon to see people attach blackberry pin on every post sent from their blogs, facebook or twitter account. This is a very good means to generate contacts who could turn out to be prospective buyers of whatever you are offering, whether goods or services.

5.       Comments On Diverse Fora: Being interactive on social media and fora like Citypulse, Nairaland, lindaikeji, 9jaChurch etc is always a plus any day. Times without number, I have been privileged to bump into some articles, comments and opinions I left behind on some notable fora and websites in the last 14 years. Therefore it is advisable to endeavour to leave your signature (name & BB Pin) after spending quality time reading and commenting on any blog or site. It is a good way to generate blackberry contacts if you are genuinely interested in content or info marketing, BB marketing broadcast or any online business.

6.       Create A Customised DP: It is no longer news that most people idly copy (or steal in the right sense of the word) their contacts display pictures (DP) from time-to-time. Unknown to them, some other people too would steal from them & either used on their profile or post them on Twitter, Facebook or Blog. This is the reason some shrewd business-minded fellows tend to imprint their BB Pin either at the bottom or at the tip of each picture. With that done, when the picture goes viral, they are bound to start receiving prospective BB requests.

Getting Whatsapp friends is a more direct approach. It is a cumulative of all the people on your phone comprising friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, father, mother, uncles, aunts, in-laws (both people you term serious & unserious alike).

What is Whatsapp Messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones and selected feature phones that uses the internet for communication. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, videos and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by US citizens Brian Acton and Jan Koum (also the CEO), both former employees of Yahoo!, and is based in Mountain View, California. On February 19, 2014, Facebook officially announced its acquisition of WhatsApp for a whooping US$19 billion (can you beat that?).

As of 22 April 2014, WhatsApp had over 500 million monthly active users in the world and 14.7 million fans in Nigeria, according to Whatsapp Facebook Page Statistics.

Ways to generate contacts for Whatsapp

Just as analysed in the case of blackberry messenger above, the same principle applies when it comes to generating contacts except one – All the contacts of people you call or have on your phone automatically becomes your whatsapp contacts.

Article written by 
Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis ( Citypulse)
Business Coach, Author, Blogger, Journalist

7 Cool Ways To Make Money Via BBM & Whatsapp Broadcast

* Broadcast paid advertisement (products/services)

* Broadcast job vacancy, housemaids or those seeking for soul mate (ridiculous, isn't it)

* Broadcast pins by new businesses or people hoping to generate more contacts

* Broadcast sponsored stories via blogs and websites.e.g /

* Monitor the trends of other advertisers using social media & reach out to them. Contact, make overture & reach an agreement to help promote whatever they are offering. In most cases, some charge N1,000, others N1,500. But for people like me, I don't come cheap o (no offence meant). The least I charge for only BBM broadcast is N3,000.

* Basically, what I charge is for an all-encompassing media promotion - Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp & of Course, BBM. Depending on how big the client is, my charges range from N5,000 to N20,000 and N50,000 for monthly broadcast if it is a big organisation

* BBM is one of the fastest & sure way to sell your ebooks (if you have one or two). Starts by BC excerpts daily from the book, hold them in suspense & end each broadcast with a reference to the main e-book for maximum value

Article written by 
Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis ( Citypulse)
Business Coach, Author, Blogger, Journalist

Annoying Things To Avoid In Whatsapp & BBM Marketing

* Stop annoying Broadcast (BC) like "It's morning", "It's night.." "TGIF.." "Send this to 10 people & expect a miracle"

* Carefully read through what you compile before BC

* Insist on getting paid before launching a commercial BC or promotional texts for anybody

* Change your BB name or handle so that prospective clients can locate you with ease. If you are fond of using smileys or funny symbols, it makes it difficult for people to reach you. Sometimes you can use your blog ( / website's url along with your name for easy identification (e.g. Francis Citypulse)

* Don't lie about the number of your contacts to your clients

* Let your word be your bond. Don't collect money from clients & fail to deliver the goods (float their broadcast). This is one of the easiest way to kill a young brand.

Do you know that the kind of messages you send has a lot of influence on your personal brand and affects the perception of others about you?

1.  It reflects your intelligence
This is the most prominent of all issues. Have you had to apologise for sending an insanely stupid message? e.g. ‘send this message to update your BB Messenger’, or having to retract a message you sent and later realised it actually happened a year ago?. Do people realise you cannot have additional smileys by sending broadcast messages?  Have you forwarded details of a stolen American vehicle to your Nigerian contacts (lol)?
Your broadcast of a message means you endorse, have thought through and agree with the details of the message. Do you do that? If  you don’t, people will either think you are incredibly stupid or plainly ignorant.

2.   It exposes your values
Messages, pictures, images, jokes especially sexually explicit ones reveal a lot more about you than you think. Have people sent you private messages about a broadcast you sent, telling you they didn’t believe you could have such amessage?

Your messages have a lot of influence in shaping people’s perception about your value system, belief and character. Can you share the message/jokes in a room full of people? If you don’t want to be quoted, then don’t share it.

3.   It projects your image/reputation
If you want to build your credibility/reputation, use your broadcast feature to genuinely add value to the lives of your contacts – the same goes for the opposite. The strength of your reputation is affected by your updates and messages. People use it to promote what they do and the services they offer. 
Some people use their picture profiles as exhibition platforms for their products and services and they have made money from it.

What are you doing with yours?

4.   It affects your credibility
If you’re always having to retract your messages, apologize over unverified reports and information; it depreciates your credibility. After a while your credibility will always be double-checked and your messages may not even deserve a reading. I once received a broadcast of a job vacancy for a bank but the email address of the HR is for another bank? lolz

Your social media profiles are an extension of your personality.

5. If your name is not authentic/ it may have no brand value
This is especially for people who keep changing names. Please how will people find you if they need you? Except I want to be mischievous, no one will want to keep changing costumes at a Haloween party. If you had advertised/promoted a product someone wants but had changed your name from ‘Harry’ to ’34ui cheeks’ or ‘cr8ive’ to ‘Titi’ , what happens? While changing names/nicknames/brand may not be bad in itself, we cannot deny it depreciates the strength of your brand.

Article written by 
Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis ( Citypulse)
Business Coach, Author, Blogger, Journalist

Friday, 3 July 2015

6 Business Lessons To Learn From Danfo Drivers, Conductors

Lagos is famous for many things –for the round-the-clock hustle, whether white collar or red-eye, for its crazy traffic and bustling night life, among other things. One thing that it is arguably most famous for its flag – the bright yellow metal flag, sitting on four tyres, snaking through traffic and not forgetting to scratch any vehicle in its path - The Danfo buses.

They are furious, not necessarily fast, but furious, every single time. You see the road to your destination, they see Fury Road.

What you see VERSUS What they are

They have only one mood –rage. Road rage. But if you look past their almost non-existent customer care, there are a few business lessons you can learn connecting buses in Lagos.

1. If you want to be heard, you’d have to make noise, a lot of it.

Danfo conductors understand this. It’s why the conductors with their husky voices still manage to create a cadence for the routes they are screaming. Sometimes you can’t even make out the words the conductor is saying but you know the route. They even get so persistent and annoying that if you were thinking about changing your mind, you’d be bullied into entering the bus, psychologically of course. You surrender.

That’s Marketing.

2. Persistence is key in keeping your hustle relevant. Stay rubbing it in people’s face, but politely please. You’ll be better off remembered for rubbing it in people’s faces than not being remembered at all.

3. Branding is not overrated.
A lot of the time, better dressed drivers and conductors get addressed more politely by passengers than their singlet-wearing or bare-chested colleagues. It’s for one reason –packaging. Facts only.

“The difference between Igbekere and plantain chips is packaging”. That’s a legit contemporary proverb. I mean, looking at where BRT buses are now, there’s only one reason we aren’t calling them Molue yet –packaging. And branding too.

I mean. Your client’s perception of you is very important. You visit five bars. Four tell you they are Bartenders. One says he’s a Mixiologist. Tell me, who are you going to remember tomorrow?

4. There’s always a new way to get to the next bus stop
Whether they have to climb culverts, or take the BRT lane, or pass secret streets even Google Maps can’t find, Danfo drivers are willing to get to their destinations by any means necessary (Do not try this in the presence of LASTMA). They are never satisfied with sitting in one spot in traffic. Never.

That’s being open to new innovative ways of doing stuff. Deep down, we love the driver that’ll get to our bus stops the quickest.

Same with the people we hire. We hate it when our tailor says “there was no light, that’s why I didn’t sew the cloth you dropped for two weeks for the wedding you have tomorrow.”

Dear Tailor, ever heard of generators?

5. The Danfo Team hate it, but they pay their dues, everyday.
At every bus stop, there’s an angry looking man waiting to collect a ‘tax’ from bus. The drivers pay it grudgingly, every single time. It saves time time, and maybe the losses that come with a revolt, like a missing side mirror, or shattered windscreen, or a black eye.

You need to understand that sacrifices will be made. Never forget.


6. Look outside on your way back home. You’ll see a conductor hanging to the bus. Whether the driver is going fast or slow, whether it’s a smooth road or it has Super Mario type of ditches, he holds on tightly. That’s because his dinner, and even more, his life depends on it.

Plus, they don’t turn around.

Hold on tight to your hustle!!!

Fu'ad Lawal is an Associate at Pulse. He writes in different forms, paying the most attention to Content, Copy and Fiction/Nonfiction. He loves to explore new things in people and places. Where his wallet can't take him, he goes in books. He likes his Garri with very cold water.

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